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  • Stallman parody site catches Stallman's eye

    A recent online posting of Richard Stallman's astonishingly long set of instructions for those who would hire him as an event speaker has spawned a parody website -- The Stallman Dialogues -- as well as some debate over the propriety of people constantly poking fun at the enigmatic and controversial founder of the Free Software Foundation.

    Written by Paul McNamara07 Nov. 11 22:28
  • AGIMO releases new government open source guide

    Open source software can benefit government and the wider community through improving interoperability and reducing costs, according to the Australian Government chief information officer, Ann Steward.

    Written by Tim Lohman31 March 11 11:02
  • Governments must abandon proprietary software: Stallman

    Governments should be required to abandon proprietary software if they are to properly serve their citizens, according to Free Software Movement advocate and GNU Free Software operating system developer, Richard Stallman.

    Written by Tim Lohman06 Oct. 10 15:53