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  • Groups urge Obama to oppose cyberthreat sharing bills

    U.S. President Barack Obama should oppose legislation intended to let businesses share cyberthreat information with each other and with government agencies because the bill would allow the sharing of too much personal information, a coalition of digital rights groups and security experts said.

    Written by Grant Gross29 July 15 02:12
  • MIT beats the rush, names Dropbox CEO as 2013 commencement speaker

    Colleges and universities typically don't announce commencement speakers until the spring, but the Massachusetts Institute of Technology got a jump on things this week by announcing that Dropbox CEO and 2005 MIT grad Drew Houston would be doing the honors in 2013.

    Written by Bob Brown14 Nov. 12 18:49
  • Space elevator enthusiasts face unanswered questions

    Might solar energy provide the power needed to send cars up a space elevator? Could you build one fat elevator and split it into two? Can as many as six cars travel up and down a space elevator?

    Written by Nancy Gohring13 Aug. 11 05:21