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  • Retail CIOs Look to Break Online and Offline Shopping Barriers

    Tech leaders at retailers are heading for a software refresh, and many are expecting to replace legacy in-store systems with unified ecommerce systems in a bid to keep up with changing shopping habits.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin27 Jan. 14 15:42
  • How Top CIOs Tackle Big Data, Analytics and Cloud Security

    In an increasingly complex IT landscape, leading CIOs seek novel ways to use big data and cloud services to improve business processes. Keeping data secure remains a challenge, though, as does finding the right people to manage it all.

    Written by Brian Eastwood29 May 13 13:03
  • IT automation: The need for a new architectural approach

    In today's fluid 24/7 world where business demands are real-time and IT resources are a mix of both physical and virtual, someone -- or something -- is needed to manage it all. In response, many job scheduling applications have evolved into advanced workload automation solutions that can direct the execution of tasks across any number of heterogeneous environments.

    Written by Ben Rosenberg, president and founder of Advanced Systems Concepts Inc.30 April 13 21:04
  • How to Adjust to the Changing Face of Software Testing

    Beyond testing scripts and automating everything, a new approach to software testing is gaining traction in larger organizations. Proponents including Barclays, the world's fourth largest bank. Should your team listen?

    Written by Matthew Heusser14 March 13 13:36
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  • Are robotics startups gaining traction? Affirmative

    VC Funding For Robotics Grew 36 per cent in 2014. Like everyone else today, robots are following the VC dollars. And while many funding rounds are aimed at the usual industrial automation, money is also flowing to startups developing more human-friendly robots.

    Written by James A. Martin19 March 15 05:01