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  • Chinese users tire of older social networking sites

    Social networking sites in China that are modeled on Facebook are having a hard time holding on to users, with customers like Beijing resident Shi Yunfeng, drifting away to newer services.

    Written by Michael Kan28 July 14 22:57
  • MSN China to integrate services with China's Renren

    Microsoft is integrating its MSN platform with China's social networking site Renren in a move that could help it reach more of the country's Internet users.

    Written by Michael Kan25 Aug. 11 12:58
  • China censors Web to curb Inner Mongolia protests

    China is blocking mention of Inner Mongolia on Chinese microblogs and social networking sites, as part of an effort to clamp down on protests that broke out last week in the region.

    Written by Michael Kan30 May 11 12:04
  • Wall Street Beat: China tech IPOs create US buzz

    Chinese tech companies are once again creating U.S. IPO market buzz, with social-networking site RenRen going public Wednesday, software security vendor NetQin Mobile launching Thursday, and several more companies set for public offerings next week.

    Written by Marc Ferranti07 May 11 05:25
  • China blocks microblogs for 'Jasmine Revolution'

    China has suspended searches for content on the country's popular microblog, an apparent move to stifle mention of a "Jasmine Revolution" that was to be staged in Chinese cities on Sunday.

    Written by Michael Kan21 Feb. 11 00:44