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  • CLP Group powers up with in-memory computing

    The utilities sector has been quick to adopt the real-time vision, particularly those organisations that have made an early move to smart grid deployments. Australian-born CIO, Joe Locandro, says the organisation has long used real-time monitoring — or what it calls condition-based monitoring — for its power plants and infrastructure. Thousands of sensors measure variables such as vibration, heat and voltage consistency, and feed them into OSIsoft’s PI System enterprise infrastructure management software.

    Written by Brad Howarth20 Jan. 11 10:20
  • Facebook releases real-time Web server tech as open source

    Facebook is releasing as open source a Web server technology because it wants to make it easier for developers to create applications that let users post status updates in real time, a functionality popularized by Twitter.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez11 Sept. 09 05:04
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  • Supply Chain Data: Real-Time Speed Is Seductive, Dangerous

    Let's call it the Wall Street Effect: Many companies now face tremendous pressure to ensure that all corporate data is "up to the second," just like those traders on The Street who bask in sub-second financial data and those consumer "day traders" who now demand equal speed.

    Written by Thomas Wailgum22 March 10 07:47

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  • Forrester Research: Build a Better Business Case for UC

    This report outlines a solution for IT I&O professionals building out communications and collaboration infrastructure. It’s designed to help define and build the business case for unified communications (UC), including key needs, drivers, and likely benefits of a UC deployment.