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  • Rambus, Micron settle patent, antitrust disputes

    Rambus and Micron Technology said Monday the companies had signed a broad patent cross-license agreement, giving Micron the right to use any Rambus patent for the manufacture of specified integrated circuit products, including memories.

    Written by John Ribeiro10 Dec. 13 05:05
  • Rambus settles patent infringement suit with SK Hynix

    Rambus has signed a US$240 million patent licensing agreement with SK Hynix, ending a nearly 13-year patent dispute between the two companies over memory-chip technology.

    Written by John Ribeiro12 June 13 05:13
  • Rambus considers antitrust appeal as stock falls

    Rambus is considering whether to appeal the Wednesday jury verdict that <a href="">scuttled its antitrust suit</a> against Hynix Semiconductor and Micron Technologies, which could have required the defendants to pay nearly US$12 billion in damages.

    Written by Stephen Lawson17 Nov. 11 11:30
  • Jury rules against Rambus in antitrust case

    A San Francisco jury has rejected a US$4 billion antitrust claim by Rambus against rival RAM makers Hynix Semiconductor and Micron Technology, a California court announced Wednesday.

    Written by Grant Gross17 Nov. 11 07:30
  • Appeals court throws out Rambus patent ruling

    A U.S. appeals court has ruled on two patent lawsuits that pit Rambus against two competing DRAM makers, sending both cases back to district courts for reconsideration.

    Written by Grant Gross14 May 11 07:48
  • Rambus buying Cryptography Research for $342.5 million

    Rambus on Thursday said it has agreed to acquire security technology company Cryptography Research (CRI) for US$342.5 million in a cash and stock deal. The move could help the company address interest among chip makers to add security features on hardware.

    Written by Agam Shah13 May 11 15:35
  • Nvidia licenses Rambus memory patents

    Nvidia has signed an agreement to license Rambus patents on memory controllers following a ruling against Nvidia at the U.S. International Trade Commission, the two companies announced.

    Written by Grant Gross14 Aug. 10 02:08
  • Samsung, Rambus deal could rev new memory technologies

    Rambus' agreement to settle legal claims with Samsung Electronics could accelerate deals that could help new memory technology being developed by Rambus get to market faster, analysts said.

    Written by Agam Shah22 Jan. 10 07:32