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  • Queensland Health's Dr Richard Ashby outlines vision, tech play

    Queensland's Health's CEO and CIO Dr Richard Ashby wasn't around in 2013 when a payroll system implementation disaster led to a Commission of Inquiry. But he has taken one lesson learned during this debacle to heart and he applies it to all current and future tech projects at the organisation.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien13 July 17 16:00
  • Queensland Health CIO quits

    The Queensland Health chief information officer and CEO of eHealth Queensland, Colin McCririck, has resigned.

    Written by Rohan Pearce24 June 16 13:46
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  • Government shared services navigate a rocky road - Part 1

    The deployment of shared services has something of a mixed history in public sector organisations in Australia. The notion of pooling IT services from multiple government departments and agencies into a single operation appears to hold great benefits, from both a cost and service delivery perspective. But history has shown that such efforts can quickly be derailed by the complexity of the tasks they are trying to consolidate — especially when the motivation for consolidation slides too far towards cost recovery as opposed to providing excellent service to the agencies involved.

    Written by Brad Howarth04 July 11 14:23