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  • Heroku, Engine Yard bolster language support on clouds

    <a href="">Platform-as-a-service</a> cloud vendors Heroku and Engine Yard have been branching out to accommodate more developers by backing more programming languages.

    Written by Paul Krill01 Oct. 11 01:22
  • Objective-C, C#, D language: Winners in programming popularity

    Objective-C, used for developing Apple iOS applications, climbs to No. 6 in the monthly Tiobe Programming Community index for most popular programming languages, after being ranked at number 8 a year ago. Also posting gains, C# rose to No. 4, a jump of two spots a year ago, while PHP dropped from No. 4 at this time last year to No. 5.

    Written by Paul Krill13 Sept. 11 08:04
  • Need open source Django CRM? Cuddle up to Koalix

    CRM is an application with a long history of open source development, with many projects written the PHP language. However, a Swiss developer has released one of the first open source CRM systems developed with the Django Python framework.

    Written by Rodney Gedda13 May 11 15:35
  • Melbourne hacker releases open source Django apps

    To fill a requirement for flexible content and management and e-commerce, Melbourne-based software engineer Stephen McDonald has released two open source projects built with the Django framework.

    Written by Rodney Gedda18 March 11 15:58
  • Local students hack up Facebook alternatives

    A group of high school students will today unveil four alternatives to the popular Facebook social networking service as part of a Sydney University summer school projects, in part sponsored by Google.

    Written by Rodney Gedda11 Jan. 11 15:09
  • Python 3.2 eases concurrent development

    The next version of the widely used Python programming language will offer greater support for writing multithreaded applications, a challenging duty for an increasing number of programmers in this age of multicore processors.

    Written by Joab Jackson09 Dec. 10 07:10
  • 7 programming languages on the rise

    In the world of enterprise programming, the mainstream is broad and deep. Code is written predominantly in one of a few major languages. For some shops, this means Java; for others, it's C# or PHP. Sometimes, enterprise coders will dabble in C++ or another common language used for high-performance tasks such as game programming, all of which turn around and speak SQL to the database.

    Written by Peter Wayner26 Oct. 10 00:51