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  • Sharing the stories of the CIO50: #17 Hilda Clune, PwC

    To survive and thrive you need to think like a digital market leader, according to PwC CIO Hilda Clune, who shares her lessons learned as a modern day CIO tasked with delivering change.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien20 Feb. 18 10:08
  • Why your trendy office is bad for business

    ​Across the nation, cubicles have been dismantled and office doors discarded to make space for Fussball tables, treadmill desks and foam-padded ‘pods’. But are hip, open-plan office spaces good for productivity? A growing body of research suggests not.

    Written by George Nott13 Sept. 17 16:02
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  • Information security in 2011

    C-level executives are more aware than ever about threats to information security.

    Written by James Hutchinson19 Jan. 11 10:36