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  • Windows 8 not likely to restart ailing PC market

    Microsoft's launch of Windows 8 amid great fanfare yesterday left many users wondering whether the new operating system can prove a big boost to the ailing PC market.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin26 Oct. 12 20:02
  • VMworld: Happy fifth birthday, Cloud computing

    In the vacuum between Hurricane Irene and Labor Day weekend, a major focus of the tech universe this week is on VMworld in Las Vegas.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau30 Aug. 11 05:48
  • IBM makes its zEnterprise 196 mainframe friendlier

    IBM's latest mainframe, the zEnterprise 196, was released last summer as a cross-platform management system that could work in mixed processor and operating system environments. In pursuit of that goal, the company continues to roll out new components.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau16 Feb. 11 09:28