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  • Google says bye bye, CAPTCHAs, well, mostly

    Sick of typing those annoying, and barely readable, letters and numbers to prove to a website that you're not a robot or a spammer?

    Written by Sharon Gaudin04 Dec. 14 08:12
  • The Internet of Things may bring a new economic boon

    The Internet of Things (IoT) may be more significant in reshaping the competitive landscape than the arrival of the Internet. Its productivity potential is so powerful it will deliver a new era of prosperity.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau03 Dec. 14 22:15
  • How the 'Internet of Thing' will become the Internet of Things

    Qualcomm's Liat Ben Zur spoke of the "Internet of Thing," in the singular case rather than the plural, at the recent MIT Technology Review Digital Summit. She made the point using Google's Nest thermostat that is connected to the cloud, and the cloud to an app to control it. Add another IoT device, add another cloud, and another app and so on. She brought into question IoT device interoperability and the rationale for sending all IoT data through the cloud when the purpose of much of the data is communicating between local devices on a proximal network. Proximal means local, like a LAN. If IoT devices from different brands are to work together in the proximal network independent of the cloud, the industry will need to agree to standards.

    Written by Steven Max Patterson19 June 14 04:17
  • Researchers dare AI experts to crack new GOTCHA password scheme

    If you can't tell the difference between an inkblot that looks more like "body builder lady with mustache and goofy in the center" than "large steroid insect with big eyes," then you can't crack passwords protected via a new scheme created by computer scientists that they've dubbed GOTCHA.

    Written by Bob Brown07 Nov. 13 21:26
  • Apple iOS 7 surprises as first with new multipath TCP connections

    Apple's iOS 7 is the first large-scale use of a newly-minted Internet protocol, called multipath TCP. It lets computers send and receive data across different network paths and interfaces at the same time, such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 3G.

    Written by John Cox19 Sept. 13 16:05