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  • Governance committees that actually work

    Successful companies rely on tightly scripted meetings, objective analyses and decision frameworks to unite executives around a common vision.

    Written by Corinne Forrest09 July 14 11:33
  • Are project consultants worth the money?

    To bastardise author Jane Austen, “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a well-heeled client in possession of a good cash flow must be in want of an expensive consultant.”

    Written by Corinne Forrest01 Oct. 13 16:12
  • Is PPM a costly overhead or competitive advantage?

    Companies invest heavily in projects and they do so for one compelling reason: their ability to compete might depend on it. However, their ability to execute these loftier ambitions is sometimes hindered by poorly functioning, costly and process heavy project portfolio management (PPM) environments.

    Written by Corinne Forrest18 Sept. 13 15:15
Features about project portfolio management
  • Using Portfolio Management to Meet Company Goals

    The fundamental principle of portfolio management is that you first choose the goals for your portfolio and then select the investments that will achieve them. For investments in change, these goals are expressed as the results you want to accomplish (with corresponding measures and milestones) and the shape of the enterprise that the investments must deliver.

    Written by Chris Potts30 March 10 06:16
  • Portfolio Management Back in Style

    Portfolio management is poised to go "retro." As organizations are preparing to come out of the recession, they are thinking more broadly about the types of investments that will be required to support business growth. As a result, some organizations are revisiting the idea of portfolio management as a way to organize and evaluate.

    Written by Chris Curran09 March 10 07:53
  • Project Portfolio Management: Three dangerous myths

    The Standish Group's "CHAOS Summary 2009" report shows a marked decrease in IT project success rates, with 32 per cent of all projects succeeding. It's one thing to know that 68 per cent of all IT projects don't succeed. But it's another to look across your company and realise you have no way of knowing which of your projects might be in the 68 per cent bucket and which have the potential to be in the 32 per cent bucket.

    Written by Adam Bookman23 Feb. 10 04:12