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  • Managing relationships with vendors - Part 2

    According to Dr Tim O’Neill, co-founder and director of business intelligence specialists Avolution, probably the biggest mistake an organisation can make when dealing with suppliers is to outsource the systems architecture. “This is why there’s so many untold billions of dollars-worth of failed IT projects out there,” he says. “Outsourcing the architecture function is fraught with danger.” In order for projects to be successful organisations need to maintain a healthy degree of cynicism and effectively force vendors to earn trust.

    Written by David Binning05 May 11 13:07
  • Managing relationships with vendors

    The IT choices a company makes can mean the difference between business success and failure. Whether it’s access to information, communications between staff, partners and customers, HR, inventory management, operation and monitoring of equipment and other and assets as well as business security, IT has managed to make itself indispensible at virtually every organisational level. Yet it would seem that for many organisations, this awareness often fails to translate into properly thought out and well-executed strategies for managing the vendors that supply the technology.

    Written by David Binning04 May 11 16:03

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  • Emerging Opportunities to Deploy Industry Processes in the Cloud

    Evolving digital transformation demands are shaping the future of enterprise and public sector strategic priorities to develop new revenues and services, transform customer experiences, and automate processes. These digital transformation initiatives increasingly include mission-critical, end-to-end business processes and operations. To address these industry digital priorities, many organisations are interested in emerging industry cloud solutions to provide greater speed, responsiveness, lower cost, flexibility, intelligence, and increased efficiency.