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  • Five things PRISM teaches CIOs about doing business in today's world

    Revelations that the United States government is monitoring Internet data from tech giants such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft should make your company reconsider where and how it stores data--all while realising that, at the end of the day, surveillance practices (usually) stay a secret for a reason.

    Written by Jonathan Hassell06 Aug. 13 14:23
  • U.S. Cloud Firms Suffer From NSA PRISM Program

    Revelations of the NSA's massive electronic surveillance program give fuel to foreign firms and governments that warn of privacy risks of doing business with U.S. cloud service providers.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin25 July 13 13:09
  • Ludlam to get busy on improving privacy, transparency

    Greens Senator Scott Ludlam has laid out his focus areas for improving privacy and transparency when it comes to the use of citizens' personal data by commercial companies and government agencies.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett23 June 13 21:20
  • Australia suspected to have PRISM data: Ludlam

    Greens senator Scott Ludlam believes the US National Security Agency (NSA) has handed information it has collected from its PRISM system to the Australian government.

    Written by Stephanie McDonald18 June 13 10:43