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  • Predictive model selection – quick tricks

    From simple to complex models – how do you find the sweet spot on that spectrum? This is a question that Daniel Marlay, director of Ernst and Young’s Actuarial practice, addressed at a recent Data Science meetup in Sydney.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett29 Oct. 15 15:08
  • Will machine learning become part of our everyday lives?

    Machine learning, schmine learning – it’s just going to be a part of our everyday lives. That’s what Amazon professor of machine learning at University of Washington and Dato founder, Carlos Guestrin, says about this artificial intelligence subfield.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett28 Sept. 15 15:44
  • CSIRO launches bushfire prediction software

    The CSIRO has created prediction software, dubbed Spark, that gives advanced warning on where and when a bushfire will break out.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett06 May 15 12:04
  • How predictive analytics helped State Street avoid additional IT project costs

    Project managers rigorously assess and plan the delivery of projects to avoid the nightmare of going over cost. But what if there was a more mathematical way to quantify this? This is a question global financial services firm, State Street, asked when it deployed predictive analytics.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett02 April 15 08:46
  • Machine learning and predictive modelling 101

    There’s more to machine learning and predictive modelling than playing around with a bunch of tools such as R and Hadoop. To help get beginners started, Beat Schwegler, director cloud evangelism at Microsoft, discussed the basic concepts and common algorithms at recent the YOW! Developer Conference in Sydney.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett16 Dec. 14 16:45