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  • Ditch PowerPoint and engage your audience: Garr Reynolds

    Death by PowerPoint presentation has become the norm but strong images and small amounts of data are better at engaging your audience, according to communications consultant Garr Reynolds.

    Written by Hamish Barwick06 March 15 15:07
  • How to use animation in PowerPoint

    When you think about animation, little dancing men pop-up in your head, but it is so much more than just that. We are talking about the incorporation of 3-D animation, sound and how the two works together.

    Written by CIO Staff21 Sept. 11 15:53
  • How to embed video in PowerPoint

    You will find a lot of tips and hints on the internet, but for simple video embedding, the following steps will work just fine. PowerPoint can use a wide variety of video files including Flash, Windows Media Files (asf), Windows Video Files (avi), Microsoft Recorded TV Shows (dvr-ms), Movie Files (mpeg) and windows Media Video Files (wmv) among others.

    Written by CIO Staff21 Sept. 11 15:16
  • How to convert PowerPoint to video

    The options available can become overbearing and confusing. The following description of how to convert your PowerPoint document to a video, is simple and also supplies you with a PowerPoint hosting service.

    Written by CIO Staff20 Sept. 11 16:19
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  • How IT Can Fix A 'Death By PowerPoint' Presentation Problem

    IT departments today have many well-defined responsibilities. But what about helping business users with not just the technical side but also the creative elements of their presentations?

    Written by Thomas Wailgum12 Feb. 10 05:44
  • Break your public speaking PowerPoint addiction

    The CIO walked on stage with every apparent confidence, relaxed and ready to tell his story. His opener was a droll little anecdote about fending off starving vendors. The audience was smiling back at him, BlackBerrys tucked away, fully engaged. Then the speaker picked up the clicker, lashed himself to the mast of an absolutely stupefying, bullet-point-riddled PowerPoint deck and sank like a stone. Sixty seconds into his slides, the BlackBerrys revved back up and the audience was gone, baby, gone.

    Written by Maryfran Johnson29 July 09 05:11