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  • Taiwanese semiconductor firms face supply shortages in Japan

    Taiwan's major semiconductor manufacturers, a crucial link in the global tech supply chain, scrambled on Monday to gauge how their access to raw materials from Japanese suppliers will be affected by the powerful earthquake in Japan.

    Written by Ralph Jennings14 March 11 20:41
  • Memory-chip prices set to rise with DRAM demand in Q2

    Taiwan’s largest computer memory chipmaker on Tuesday forecast a jump in demand for its components in the second quarter of the year as orders from contract computer manufacturers pick up, heralding an all-but-certain DRAM price hikes.

    Written by Ralph Jennings25 Jan. 11 18:54
  • DRAM prices to keep falling through the first half of 2011

    The price of DRAM, the main memory inside personal computers, will likely keep falling throughout the first half of next year before a recovery takes hold, analysts and market researchers say.

    Written by Dan Nystedt26 Nov. 10 06:04
  • iSuppli warns of looming DRAM shortage

    A shortage of the main memory chips used in personal computers could send prices of the chips higher in the second half of this year, market researcher iSuppli warned on Monday

    Written by Dan Nystedt10 Aug. 10 13:55