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  • The art of combating political attacks

    ​CIOs frequently find themselves on the receiving end of political attacks from stakeholders, who see them as easy targets when IT-related initiatives go wrong, even when it isn’t their fault.

    Written by Cathleen Blanton and Tina Nunno29 Aug. 19 15:11
  • Smart micro-grid to debut in regional NSW

    Houses in the Newcastle and Scone regions of NSW have been selected to trial battery-powered “micro-grid” which can increase energy efficiency and reduce the impact of outages.

    Written by Rodney Gedda31 March 11 10:31
  • Off-the-grid gadget chargers provide power in a pinch

    Keeping mobile phones and other portable electronics charged is a hassle if you make frequent business trips or work in multiple locations. Inevitably, your smartphone's battery dies far from a power source just when you need to make a crucial call or get directions to a meeting.

    Written by Elsa Wenzel30 July 10 14:07
  • Bike powers Nokia phone charger

    Nokia has upped the "how green can you get" stakes with a kit that allows users to charge their phones when cycling, the phone manufacturer said on Thursday.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs03 June 10 20:51
  • Intel offers low-power chips for thin, light laptops

    With the aim of bringing down the price of laptops, Intel on Monday launched a family of low-power processors for thin and light machines that could be more affordable than conventional laptops.

    Written by Agam Shah25 May 10 05:43
  • Viridity's power management tool aims to boost efficiency

    Startup Viridity Software is releasing a new tool on Monday to help companies keep track of the power being used by each piece of IT equipment in their data centers, with a view to improving energy efficiency.

    Written by James Niccolai22 March 10 07:51
  • Sentilla's energy management tool gets chargeback feature

    Sentilla has released an update to its data-center energy management tool, which lets IT and facilities staff track the energy usage of servers and other equipment. The latest version is a software-only product that adds a chargeback capability, allowing companies to bill individual business units for the energy they use.

    Written by James Niccolai10 March 10 08:06
  • Energy Star for data centers coming in June

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is wrapping up work on an Energy Star program for data centers that it hopes to launch in June, EPA officials said this week.

    Written by James Niccolai06 Feb. 10 07:22
  • Wireless for power utilities uses WiMax guts

    A Silicon Valley startup has combined the technology underlying WiMax with a software-defined radio to build smart grids for electric utilities.

    Written by Stephen Lawson15 Jan. 10 06:58