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  • Rain could make your solar panels dirtier, not cleaner

    On a second-floor rooftop at NASA's Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, Abraham Ishihara opens an electrical cabinet bursting with hundreds of wires. Each wire feeds data from an adjacent array of solar panels, helping him collect detailed information about their performance and, perhaps, figure out how solar panels age.

    Written by Martyn Williams15 Aug. 15 09:03
  • Go on, bend, punch and step on this transistor

    Japanese researchers have developed stretchable, tough electronics that could be incorporated into clothing, transforming wearable technology.

    Written by Tim Hornyak13 Aug. 15 22:27
  • Rogue drones found flying close to aircraft on the upswing

    Sightings of drones flying around helicopters and airplanes have surged this year, and are likely to further fuel concerns about the possible impact on public safety and privacy of the unmanned aircraft.

    Written by John Ribeiro13 Aug. 15 16:10
  • Businesses can rent a robot for customer care

    Wish a robot could greet your customers at the door, guide guests to the correct meeting rooms or even bring someone a cup of coffee?

    Written by Sharon Gaudin04 Aug. 15 20:36
  • The good and the ugly about drones

    Both the good and bad sides of drones were on display over the weekend in the U.S., with a drone delivering medical supplies to a remote area in Wise, Virginia, even as some other drones were obstructing the fighting of a wildfire in far away California to apparently shoot videos.

    Written by John Ribeiro20 July 15 16:49
  • Oculus acquires gesture-control firm

    Facebook, owner of virtual reality gaming company Oculus, has inked a deal to buy gesture-control and computer-vision company Pebbles Interfaces.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin17 July 15 06:11
  • Here's how to follow NASA's Pluto flyby

    As NASA'S New Horizons spacecraft closes in on its Pluto flyby early Tuesday morning, stargazers interested in the historic mission can use a number apps to track it and even print out a 3D model of the spacecraft.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin15 July 15 00:30
  • US to begin talks on drone privacy standards

    A U.S. government agency will start its third attempt to develop voluntary privacy standards for an emerging area of technology, this time with a series of meetings on drone privacy scheduled to begin Aug. 3.

    Written by Grant Gross14 July 15 06:27
  • GM to offer teen driver tracking to parents

    GM <a href="">has announced</a> that it will be offering a way for parents to track their teens' driving behavior in order to help cut down on accidents.

    Written by Lucas Mearian03 July 15 03:54