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  • A private investigator's tricks of the trade

    In 1993, Private Investigator Joe Seanor had wrapped up employment stints in the CIA and the Department of Justice, and was looking for something new in his professional life.

    Written by Joan Goodchild22 April 10 00:13
  • Port of Los Angeles Fights Crime Fighting With Mobile Video

    The Project: Deploy mobile communications software to enable transmission of live video to and from the Port of Los Angeles' control centers and harbor police in the field. The project is part of a $4.2 million integrated command console system designed to improve security responsiveness at the nation's busiest cargo port.

    Written by Stephanie Overby28 Jan. 10 06:14
  • Social Engineering: 5 Security Holes at the Office

    If you think the biggest threat to your sensitive information lies in network security, think again. Once a criminal is inside a building, there are limitless possibilities to what that person can access or damage. Take a look at your building's security. How easy is it to get inside?

    Written by Joan Goodchild10 June 09 23:11
  • 10 steps to loading dock security

    It's the stuff of CSO nightmares. Early on the morning of September 2, while most folks were home sleeping off the hot dogs, thieves used bolt cutters to break into an Alltel Communications warehouse and four of its loading docks in Fort Smith, Ark. Sources say they escaped with an estimated US$10 million worth of cell phones, not a bad haul for their Labor Day efforts.

    Written by Lauren Gibbons Paul07 Oct. 08 12:30