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  • Deaths at Apple supplier in China concern labor group

    A workers' rights group is demanding Apple investigate the recent deaths of several workers at an iPhone factory in China, one of whom was a 15-year-old who died of pneumonia after working at the facility for a month.

    Written by Michael Kan10 Dec. 13 12:32
  • What Would You Do If You Ruled Apple?

    Seems everyone has an opinion about Apple these days. If you were calling the shots, what changes would you make at Apple? Tech analyst Rob Enderle weighs in to help get your thought process rolling.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige23 Aug. 13 17:12
  • Cheap iPhone 'confirmed' by labor abuse report

    The long-rumoured cheap, plastic iPhone is "confirmed" by a report on labor practices at the Chinese manufacturer that is assembling the device, according to the interpretation of some bloggers and tech news sites.

    Written by John Cox30 July 13 19:28
  • Apple's full response to labor abuses report

    The Wall Street Journal carried a statement from Apple in response to the China Labor Watch report alleging extensive abuses of workers at Pegatron facilities.

    Written by John Cox30 July 13 19:28