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  • How Healthcare Can Fix Patient Engagement

    The healthcare industry frequently discusses how to use technology to improve patient engagement, but it's just one step in a complex process that, done right, contributes to the much more formative process of patient empowerment.

    Written by Brian Eastwood17 June 14 22:42
  • Solving Healthcare's Big Data Analytics Security Conundrum

    HIPAA understandably makes it hard for organizations to obtain personal health information and even harder to use that information for the purpose of data analysis. Empowering patients to own and share their own data -- and then assuring them that it's being properly de-identified -- can ease this process.

    Written by Brian Eastwood07 Oct. 13 14:17
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  • Improving Patient Engagement Equal Parts Technology, Empathy

    Improving efficiency and cutting costs in healthcare means better collaborating with patients. Web portals and mobile applications can help, but only if they connect with the myriad systems that doctors actually use. Organizations can't forget that a little empathy goes a long way, too.

    Written by Brian Eastwood15 Oct. 13 13:52