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  • How to pick a project management methodology

    Think of project management (PM) methodologies as blueprints, step-by-step instructions that guide your team on how to build a successful project. With so many different -- and in some cases, overlapping -- approaches to managing the complexities of any given program, how can you know which one is right for your project, team or organization?

    Written by Moira Alexander23 July 15 02:20
  • Google tests business Hangouts in search results

    Using Hangouts, Google is testing a search feature that enables users to conduct live chats with businesses directly from their search results.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin28 Feb. 15 04:40
  • Avaya extends SDN offerings

    Avaya this week extended its SDN arsenal with an architecture and supporting products designed to simplify enterprise connectivity and application provisioning.

    Written by Jim Duffy24 Feb. 15 23:58
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  • The social network wars are over. The winner: email!

    With every new social network and social service, with every new instant and not-so-instant way to communicate, email rises in importance. Columnist Mile Elgan explains how innovation has transformed email into the best social network.

    Written by Mike Elgan01 June 13 11:17