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  • Cisco, Ericsson partner to build and sell next-gen networks

    Ericsson and Cisco Systems are partnering to develop and sell next-generation networks -- Ericsson because it's cheaper than buying in or building the equipment itself, and Cisco because it's quicker than buying Ericsson.

    Written by Peter Sayer09 Nov. 15 17:31
  • Your CEO's 2011 agenda: What CIOs need to know

    What's atop CEOs' agendas for 2011? Gartner analysts recently outlined the top CEO concerns that CIOs will need to identify, understand and address.

    Written by Thomas Wailgum05 Nov. 10 05:45

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  • Cloudera delivers Hadoop in the AWS Cloud

    Customers of Cloudera and Amazon Web Services (AWS) now have the ability to run the Enterprise Data Hub in the AWS public cloud. - Organization’s want to acquire and combine data to deliver real-time insights to all kinds of users - The Enterprise Data Hub has the flexibility to run a variety of enterprise workloads while meeting enterprise requirements - This joint solution combines large-scale data management/analytics with expertise in cloud computing