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  • A new Android banking trojan is also ransomware

    A new kind of Android malware can steal online banking credentials and hold a device's files hostage for ransom, delivering a particularly nasty one-two punch.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk19 Feb. 16 13:41
  • Malware-detecting 'sandboxing' technology no silver bullet

    The security technology called "sandboxing" aims at detecting malware code by subjecting it to run in a computer-based system of one type of another to analyze it for behavior and traits indicative of malware. Sandboxing -- one alternative to traditional signature-based malware defense -- is seen as a way to spot zero-day malware and stealthy attacks in particular. While this technique often effective, it's hardly foolproof, warns a security researcher who helped establish the sandboxing technology used by startup Lastline.

    Written by Ellen Messmer26 March 13 20:05
  • Cyber security funding welcomed by industry

    The federal government’s $1.46 billion funding in improvements to cyber security networks and establishment of an Australian Cyber Security Centre has received a largely positive response from information security professionals who say it is a good step forward.

    Written by Hamish Barwick24 Jan. 13 09:05
  • Juniper vs. Palo Alto: Next-gen firewall legal brawl

    <a href="">Juniper Networks</a> says that <a href="">Palo Alto Networks</a> is infringing on its next-generation firewall technology, which was invented by Palo Alto's founders but for which Juniper holds the patents.

    Written by Tim Greene20 Dec. 11 10:44

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