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  • 10 must-have free Palm webOS apps

    Palm's official webOS app store has come a long way. With only 30 apps available> at the App Catalog's launch last June, there wasn't much for early Palm Pre owners to get excited about. Today, however, the App Catalog sports well over a thousand titles. That's a far cry from the iPhone's 150,000 applications, but there are plenty of apps for users of the Palm Pre and Pixi and the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus to choose from, and many of the best ones are free.

    Written by Logan Kugler20 March 10 06:11
  • Palm Pre user sues, alleging data loss

    A Palm Pre user is suing Palm and Sprint Nextel, alleging they caused him to lose most of the data from his phone, and he wants to turn the suit into a class action.

    Written by Stephen Lawson08 Dec. 09 09:11
  • Lawsuit alleges Palm Pre violates copyright

    Artifex Software is suing Palm over the PDF (Portable Document Format) viewer in Palm's Pre smartphone, it said on Thursday.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs07 Dec. 09 07:53
  • Apple to kill Palm Pre iTunes media sync again?

    It's that time again. Apple has distributed electronic invites to notify all the cool kids that a major company event is being held in San Francisco tomorrow.

    Written by Al Sacco09 Sept. 09 03:29
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  • Palm Updates Pre OS With an Eye on the Enterprise

    Palm on Thursday released another update to the Pre's mobile operating system, webOS v1.1.0, and it includes a variety of valuable features meant for corporate IT departments supporting Pres in the enterprise. The Palm Pre

    Written by Al Sacco24 July 09 23:53
  • Why Palm Needs To Ditch iTunes and Create a Media Sync

    Yesterday Palm released an update to its webOS mobile operating system for the Pre, v1.1.0. The new webOS packs a handful of enterprise-oriented features, like the ability to remotely wipe the Pre, along with a number of maintenance fixes and more. But perhaps most interestingly, webOS v1.1.0 also "re-enables" the iTunes sync feature that Apple blocked via its own software update earlier this month.That's good news for Pre users, since it's remarkably simple to use iTunes to sync media libraries to the Pre. However, it'll no doubt be short-lived and Pre owners will soon find themselves in the same iTunes-sync-less position they did last week, when Apple released iTunes v8.2.1, which blocked Pre syncing.

    Written by Al Sacco25 July 09 02:02
  • Apple iPhone 3GS vs. Palm Pre: In Real Life

    My Palm Pre dialed 911 without my knowing it. "How did you find out," you ask? The dispatcher called me back to make sure I was all right. You don't see that in many product reviews, do you?

    Written by Darren Gladstone11 July 09 09:09
  • Palm Pre App Catalog hits 1M downloads

    The Palm Pre, the world's first webOS device, went on sale in the United States on June 6. With it Palm launched a corresponding mobile software channel, the Pre App Catalog, which already boasts a number of great applications. Earlier this week, Medialets, a mobile advertising and analytics firm, released App Catalog metrics that suggest Palm's new app store hit the 1M downloads mark on June 24, just 18 days after its launch. Palm Pre App Catalog Total App Downloads Since Launch, via Medialets

    Written by Al Sacco27 June 09 01:29
  • Palm Pre how-to: wipe handheld clean, restore settings

    Perhaps you found a manufacturers' defect in your Palm Pre handheld and need to swap it out for another? Maybe you decided to trade the Pre with a friend of colleague for a new iPhone 3GS or a BlackBerry Curve 8900? Or possibly you found that the Pre's just not for you, and you're returning it.

    Written by Al Sacco25 June 09 03:50