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  • Feds reinforce cloud adoption roadmap

    The Federal Government’s $6 billion ICT spending program will see a greater uptake of cloud services. Under new guidelines, agency heads will be able to use hosted services in Australia and offshore.

    Written by Shahida Sweeney09 Oct. 14 10:55
  • The benefits of cloud-based BPM

    In 2011 Gartner's Jim Sinur predicted that business process management and the cloud would be the "real thunder." He stated that moving operations to the cloud would free up money and efforts for businesses, and those organizations would be remiss to ignore BPM.

    Written by Art Landro, CEO, Cordys20 May 13 20:33
  • Platform-as-service offerings blurring lines between cloud packages

    Cloud-based infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is for renting storage and compute capacity from a service provider, delivered via an Internet connection. Similarly, software as a service (SaaS) is for accessing applications that are hosted in the cloud.

    Written by Brandon Butler07 May 13 22:51
  • Open source plug-in speeds mobile app development

    Soasta, Cloudbees partner to connect mobile app dev to Jenkins continuous integration server, making it easier for developers to test and deploy apps to the cloud

    Written by Paul Krill02 April 13 12:21
  • Middleware is dying -- and for good reason

    As acceptance of platform as a service (PaaS) cloud services continues to accelerate, companies are increasingly free to bypass underlying in-house IT infrastructure and OS requirements, focusing instead on the type of services required and service level agreements (SLA). And that spells the beginning of the end of having to deal with the cost and hassles of complex middleware.

    Written by Sacha Labourey, CEO of CloudBees08 March 13 17:20