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  • Battery power, wireless spectrum hold back mobile computing

    Innovations in mobile computing will continue apace in coming years, but battery power and wireless spectrum could become critical obstacles, according to mobile executives speaking Tuesday evening at a gathering in Silicon Valley.

    Written by Paul Krill02 Dec. 10 00:35
  • New MacBook Air: The best ever

    After all the hype about the new MacBook Air releases last week, all the oohing and aahing over the engineering that slipped a significant amount of power and capability into such a tiny package, I was ready to be somewhat disappointed by the new 13.3-inch MacBook Air that arrived on my doorstep earlier this week. I've used every MacBook Air since it was originally released, and I still use an 18-month-old Air for hours and hours every day. What could impress me about the new one? As it turns out, plenty.

    Written by Paul Venezia29 Oct. 10 21:14
  • RIM jumps into tablet game

    Look out, Apple. BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) is now in the tablet business.

    Written by Paul Krill28 Sept. 10 07:41