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  • SDN: The next steps

    Software Defined Networking technology is maturing and there are several real world use cases, but for most shops it is still a question of figuring out how we get there from here. In this Network World special report we analyze the promise and the options:

    Written by John Dix26 June 14 01:56
  • SDN: The core building blocks

    When getting to know software defined networking, you'll encounter a number of terms that are used in conjunction with the technology. Some of the terms are unique to SDN, while others describe technologies that, while not unique, are frequently used in SDN designs.

    Written by Ethan Banks, owner, Packet Pushers Interactive28 June 13 19:59

    Software has been programming our networks for a long time, so how is SDN different?

    Written by Ethan Banks, owner, Packet Pushers Interactive28 June 13 19:56
  • OpenDaylight is building on our work, SDN group's director says

    The OpenDaylight Project may have won attention last week with a founding list of vendors including Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks, but it's standing on the shoulders of others, according to the head of the Open Networking Foundation.

    Written by Stephen Lawson16 April 13 23:28
  • Ex-Facebook exec pushes software-defined networks

    The migration toward software-defined networks will move faster than carriers' migration to IP (Internet Protocol) in the late 1990s, Facebook's former technical operations chief said Wednesday.

    Written by Stephen Lawson20 Oct. 11 10:00