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  • Facebook backstabs Google and you lose

    Thanks to an anti-Google smear campaign ordered by Facebook and carried out by a PR agency, the relationship between Facebook and Google is unquestionably broken beyond repair. And that's bad news for users of both services.

    Written by Jared Newman13 May 11 06:54
  • Facebook users lax on privacy, protecting children online

    Facebook users still do not use privacy controls to protect themselves, and a third of children under 18 are below the site's minimum age of 13, Consumer Reports reported in its June issue.

    Written by Ed Oswald11 May 11 06:35
  • Julian Assange: Facebook an 'appalling spying machine'

    Julian Assange claims that Facebook is complacent in providing the U.S. government with a way to spy on its citizens, calling it "the most appalling spying machine ever invented."

    Written by Ed Oswald03 May 11 09:50
  • Google tracks you too, internal e-mails show

    A series of internal e-mails from last year highlights how important location data is to Google, and likely gives more ammunition to privacy advocates over how these companies track your every move.

    Written by Ed Oswald02 May 11 08:40
  • Apple's iOS location-tracking headaches: 5 questions

    Apple appears to be headed for a Google-size privacy snafu over its iOS location-tracking database after lawmakers in Europe and Washington recently started asking questions.

    Written by Ian Paul23 April 11 00:38
  • Dropbox: Insecure by design?

    The fundamental security of the Dropbox cloud storage service has been called into question by a researcher.

    Written by Keir Thomas12 April 11 03:42
  • The state of 'Do Not Track' on the internet

    Users concerned with online privacy have been struggling for years to come up with a solution to being tracked on the Web. Such users either want to avoid irritating, targeted ads based on browsing history or are concerned about businesses having too much access to our personal information.

    Written by David Daw01 April 11 01:22
  • Diaspora: An antidote for your Facebook privacy problems

    Our social networks say a lot about us. When you register with a Website like Facebook, you voluntarily give up personal information like your name, photo, and phone number in exchange for the privilege of access to a network that makes it easy to keep in touch with friends and family. Facebook then makes money aggregating that information for sale to advertisers looking to target groups of potential customers with specific ages and interests. It’s an information economy, and to be clear, Facebook cleaves to a privacy policy that only permits the sharing of “non-personally identifiable attributes” with advertisers.

    Written by Alex Wawro30 March 11 04:03
  • Facebook Questions: Hands on

    Facebook recently launched a new question-and-answer feature that helps supply answers to important questions such as "Where's the best burger in New York City?" or "Which smartphone do you use?" The new feature lets you ask questions of your friends, set up a poll with a limited number of responses, and follow interesting questions asked by others. Questions is now rolling out to all users, but if you want to get started right away you can activate Facebook Questions here. Facebook's new question service has been in limited beta testing since July.

    Written by Ian Paul26 March 11 01:39
  • Microsoft Web privacy gets W3C seal of approval

    The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has given Microsoft's proposal for a standard protecting consumer privacy the seal of approval. Acceptance by W3C -- the governing body responsible for HTML5 -- is a significant hurdle for Microsoft as it works to give users more control over their own online privacy and the tools necessary to block unwanted Web tracking.

    Written by Tony Bradley25 Feb. 11 07:22
  • Firefox 'Do Not Track' ready for download now

    Adventuresome Firefox users who can't wait to try out the "do not track" feature can do so now by grabbing a "nightly build" of the browser. Nightly builds are for testing purposes only, Mozilla warns, and aren't as stable as beta releases.

    Written by John P. Mello Jr.01 Feb. 11 08:43
  • Facebook gives your home address to developers

    Your home address and phone number are now part of the information dump third-party developers can obtain through Facebook-powered Website logins and applications.

    Written by Ian Paul18 Jan. 11 05:00