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  • 'Stop Watching Us' Coalition Aims to Stop NSA's PRISM Surveillance Program

    Reddit, Mozilla, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and others from across the political spectrum join forces to flood members of Congress with letters seeking revisions to the Patriot Act and reforms that will rein in the NSA's surveillance of Internet and phone records via a program known as PRISM.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin14 June 13 19:56
  • Privacy Protection for Documents Stored in the Cloud Gets DoJ Nod

    As House subcommittee weighs overhaul of 1986 statute to strengthen privacy in the cloud, senators introduce their own legislation to update Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Department of Justice affirms the Obama administration's support for an overhaul.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin19 March 13 21:07
  • FTC Online Privacy Protection Campaign Kicks Into High Gear

    As the Federal Trade Commission settles with a company involving allegations of a massive data breach that exposed medical records, it continues its work evaluating privacy practices of businesses in the Internet age.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin28 Jan. 13 21:52
  • Government Tech Policy Highs and Lows of 2012

    From cybersecurity to intellectual property battles, mobile broadband to privacy and federal IT, it was a noisy year for technology in the nation's capital. But after all the debates, committee reports and lobbying, what actually changed?

    Written by Kenneth Corbin21 Dec. 12 16:14
  • Privacy: Will Facebook ever get it?

    With Facebook reportedly close to cutting a deal with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over privacy sins dating back to 2009, the question remains whether or not the social network's brain trust really gets the privacy issue.

    Written by John P. Mello Jr.12 Nov. 11 05:57
  • 'Socialbots' invade Facebook: Cull 250GB of private data

    Facebook was recently invaded by a robot army created by four researchers to demonstrate the ease at which online social networks can be maliciously exploited by the unscrupulous.

    Written by John P. Mello Jr.03 Nov. 11 08:39
  • SocialShield helps protect kids on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter

    SocialShield isn't cheap. At $10 per month or $96 per year, this Web-based social network monitoring service costs significantly more than some of its competitors. But it also delivers a lot more, too, especially if you're using it to safeguard children who use more than one social network.

    Written by Liane Cassavoy26 Oct. 11 08:02
  • Keep an eye on kids' Facebook shenanigans with MinorMonitor

    If you have kids of a certain age, chances are, they're on Facebook. A lot. Connecting with friends you may--or may not--know. Talking about things you may--or may not--understand. Keeping them safe can seem like a daunting task, but it's one that's a lot easier with the help of MinorMonitor. This free, Web-based app competes with pricier solutions such as SocialShield and ZoneAlarm's SocialGuard, and does an admirable job of alerting parents to potential threats.

    Written by Liane Cassavoy26 Oct. 11 08:03
  • Facebook's frictionless sharing: A privacy guide

    Should you be concerned about your privacy on Facebook's recently announced "frictionless sharing" plan that lets online sites and services automatically share your activity with your Facebook friends?

    Written by Ian Paul27 Sept. 11 02:30
  • Facebook's planned news feed changes should worry you

    Facebook is tinkering with our news feeds in order to give marketers and developers more visibility. According to the Wall Street Journal, the changes may allow the social networking site to gather even more information on its users.

    Written by Ed Oswald05 Aug. 11 07:31
  • Google pulls back on heavy-handed Google+ name policy

    In an effort to stave off criticism over its "real names" policy, Google said late Monday that it will stop disabling Google+ accounts that violate the policy -- without warning the user first.

    Written by Ed Oswald27 July 11 07:56
  • TrackMeNot add-on keeps search engine profilers confused

    The free TrackMeNot Firefox add-on takes a unique and creative approach to protecting your privacy from search engines that can create profiles of you based on terms you search for. Rather than hiding your searches from them in some way, it takes the exact opposite tack: It inundates search engines with a blizzard of background searches from you, so that no practical profile can be built because there are too many random searches. It generates those search terms from a group of RSS feeds from sites including the New York Times, CNN, and others.

    Written by Preston Gralla17 July 11 23:50