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  • Zetta opens its storage cloud to all

    A cloud storage provider that designed its system from the ground up to meet enterprise needs is ready to offer its service to the world.

    Written by Stephen Lawson22 Oct. 09 08:05
  • Mozy online backup fixes Time Machine bug

    Decho Corp. said today the latest release of 1.4.3 Mac for MozyHome and MozyPro online backup service fixes a problem it was having associated with saving backups sent to it by Apple Inc.'s Time Machine backup tool, which works with Apple's Time Capsule network-attached storage device.

    Written by Lucas Mearian17 Aug. 09 04:49
  • Amazon's data shipping goes both ways now

    Amazon Web Services has expanded a shipping service for large data sets on its S3 cloud storage platform so customers can get their content back instead of just sending it.

    Written by Stephen Lawson17 Aug. 09 07:14
Features about online backups
  • Why the Cloud Should Have Your Back-Up

    I realize I'm dating myself, but the first computer I ever owned didn't have a hard drive. It had two drive bays that held 5.25 inch floppies. Later, I bought a then revolutionary machine, an 8086 I think, with a 40 MB hard drive, and I wondered how anyone could ever fill it up. And the last time I moved, I discovered a box filled with floppies and 250 MB Zip drives.

    Written by Bill Snyder15 Dec. 09 05:53