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  • Griffith University eyes smart glass technology

    Students at Brisbane-based Griffith University's School of Pharmacy and Toxicology are using wearable augmented reality software - and donning smart glasses - to immerse themselves in modern-day workplace scenarios and get 'life-like' instruction.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien05 July 17 14:36
  • Samsung, LG show flexible OLED, e-paper screens

    Samsung Electronics and LG Display have developed prototype flexible displays that can be gently bent while continuing to show images. The displays are the latest in a line of research projects from major display makers that point to growing interest in screens that can be bent, curved or flexed.

    Written by Martyn Williams11 Nov. 10 16:21
  • Intel shows laptop with four screens

    Intel is showing off a prototype laptop this week that has four screens, increasing the display area so that multiple applications can be viewed simultaneously.

    Written by Agam Shah24 Sept. 09 07:07
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  • Is a better screen next up for the iPhone?

    With last week's launch of Apple's latest iPhone, the iPhone 3GS, the rumor mills are running in low gear on what the secretive computer-maker might be planning for its next cell phone.

    Written by Martyn Williams22 June 09 11:29