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  • IT Outsourcing Provider Infosys Gets Facelift With New CEO

    Indian outsourcing provider Infosys is making some fundamental changes, starting with appointing a new CEO, to transform itself and regain its prominence in the offshore IT services industry. However, it will take more than a new CEO to transform the company.

    Written by Stephanie Overby21 June 14 01:05
  • 7 lessons of the offshoring pioneers

    The need to remain competitive has kept offshoring an essential part of nearly every company's sourcing strategy. The questions that remain are what and how to offshore. Offshore pioneers who have navigated the changing IT offshoring terrain have some answers based on a decade's worth of lessons. In part 1 of a two-part series, we look at seven of those lessons.

    Written by Stephanie Overby19 April 13 17:58
  • IT Outsourcing Year in Review: Grading Our Predictions

    At this time last year, we predicted that 2012 would be the year cloud computing hype ended. We said application development would migrate from offshore to cities stateside. And we forecasted that IT service providers would become more relationship-oriented. Now it's time to see how those predictions panned out.

    Written by Stephanie Overby14 Dec. 12 21:20
  • Don't mess with Texas: Lessons from IT outsourcing disasters

    Two weeks ago, the CIO of Texas penned a seven-page letter outlining the chronic failures of the state's nearly four-year outsourcing relationship - a deal the Texas governor had briefly suspended in 2008 citing service delivery problems that he said put the state's agencies in danger.

    Written by Stephanie Overby05 Aug. 10 05:04
  • Outsourcing: Prepare Now for Anti-Offshoring Laws

    Whether any future U.S. jobs bills will contain anti-offshoring measures remains up in the air. But outsourcing customers don't have to wait to protect themselves from potential protectionist legislation.

    Written by Stephanie Overby18 March 10 07:22
  • Outsourcing Prices Likely to Drop in 2010, But at What Cost?

    Outsourcing prices dropped overall in 2009, and industry watchers expect the downward trend to continue next year. It's not just the global economic slowdown that's sending IT service prices south, it is also the increased use of offshoring, pricing pressure from customers, and a reduction in vendors' services.

    Written by Stephanie Overby10 Dec. 09 07:19
  • You Can Outsource City Hall, but Not Offshore--Yet

    Public sector outsourcing is "in," as state and local IT leaders contend with shrinking budgets, limited human resources, and increasing demand for IT services. "There appears to be a perfect storm for IT outsourcing at the state and local level today," says Jason Khan, chief technology strategist for Washington, D.C.-based Touchstone Consulting Group.

    Written by Stephanie Overby05 Nov. 09 08:16
  • Offshoring? Try China and India plus a third site

    China may be rising as an offshoring destination, but many companies are outsourcing to multiple countries rather than just choosing between China and India.

    Written by Owen Fletcher22 June 09 22:24
  • Making Sense of Offshore Outsourcing 2.0

    The phrase 2.0 has been bandied about since 2004 and it has become the de facto appendage to make a service offering slick, cool, hyped and worthy of attention of media and venture capitalists. But what does 2.0 mean? What is this new wave or generation or model of outsourcing all about?

    Written by Arpit Kaushik14 Jan. 09 10:48
  • So You've Inherited a Crummy Outsourcing Contract...

    Outsourcing boomed over the last decade. So it's not surprising that a lot of incoming CIOs are inheriting some crummy outsourcing contracts. These deals are potential hornet's nests if not handled quickly and carefully. CIO Executive Council members who have dealt with this issue point to renewed governance and realigned expectations as the key to turning around these situations. They offer the following solutions.

    Written by Diane Frank13 Oct. 08 14:08