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  • Government Eager (But Struggling) to Make Data Available to Businesses

    The Obama administration is pressing agencies to unlock data sets to provide a foundation for startup businesses in sectors ranging from healthcare to transportation. But for now much of that data remains trapped in government systems.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin24 Jan. 14 17:29
  • What's Next for Cybersecurity After White House Order?

    Senators renew work on cybersecurity legislation in wake of Obama's executive order. Department of Homeland Secretary reiterates administration's position that a comprehensive bill is needed to expand White House directive.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin08 March 13 17:02
  • Tim Cook Grabs Spotlight, Lifts Apple's Sagging Image

    Apple CEO Tim Cook was a man on the move this week - at the State of the Union Address and at a Goldman Sachs tech conference - touting Apple's new push for affordability.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige13 Feb. 13 22:23
  • Obama's Executive Order on Cybersecurity Fighting Words to GOP

    A prominent GOP lawmaker--opposed to any measure that would expand government oversight over digital infrastructure owned and operated by the private sector--urges President Obama to not issue an executive order mandating new cybersecurity provisions.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin24 Jan. 13 19:54
  • White House Tells Tech Sector to Dream Big

    The Office of Science and Technology Policy looks to strengthen the tech startup sector and capture the nation's imagination as it seeks ideas from the best and the brightest.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin12 Nov. 12 17:59