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  • Fed shutdown forces NSF websites to go dark

    The partial U.S. government shutdown that began Tuesday morning counts the National Science Foundation websites and applications, and those who would use them, as victims.

    Written by Bob Brown01 Oct. 13 21:59
  • Harvard researchers underwhelmed by peer influence on Facebook

    Most people make friends with others online who have common interests, but it's rare for people's interests to rub off on others, according to new research out of Harvard University based on an examination of four years’ worth of Facebook data.

    Written by Bob Brown21 Dec. 11 03:24
  • NSF: Time for an Internet do-over

    The National Science Foundation (NSF) has doled out grants worth up to $US32 million in total to a pack of universities dedicated to rethinking everything about the Internet from from its core routing system to its security architecture and addressing the emergence of cloud computing and an increasingly mobile society.

    Written by Bob Brown10 Sept. 10 07:06