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  • Not-for-profit - Part 4

    One problem that is typical for NFPs is the different nature within an organisation of IT users and the technology they apply.

    Written by Tim Mendham21 April 11 09:00
  • Not-for-profit - Part 3

    How are relations between not-for-profit with IT vendors?

    Written by Tim Mendham20 April 11 15:37
  • Not-for-profit - Part 2

    Within any organisation, however — below the its culture and style of management — there are similarities between not-for-profit and commercial organisations.

    Written by Tim Mendham18 April 11 11:35
  • Not-for-profit - Part 1

    CIOs talk about the role technology plays in this vibrant sector.

    Written by Tim Mendham15 April 11 06:00