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  • Ex-Nortel CEO Frank Dunn found not guilty of fraud

    Three former executives of bankrupt Nortel Networks were acquitted this week of falsifying financial reports in an accounting scandal that precipitated the company's eventual bankruptcy and demise.

    Written by Jim Duffy14 Jan. 13 20:01
  • Apple contributes half the cost of Nortel patents

    Apple is contributing more than half the total US$4.5 billion price tag for Nortel patents, with partners including Microsoft and Sony combined kicking in the rest.

    Written by Nancy Gohring22 July 11 06:54
  • Courts OK Apple group's $4.5B Nortel patent buyout

    U.S. and Canadian courts have approved the sale of thousands of patents from bankrupt Nortel Networks to a consortium including Apple and Microsoft for about US$4.5 billion.

    Written by Stephen Lawson12 July 11 05:54