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  • Next generation of carrier systems going virtual

    The latest version of Nokia Siemens Networks software for running mobile carriers is virtualized, pointing toward a future of fully cloud-based systems that could help operators run even more efficiently and roll out new services more quickly.

    Written by Stephen Lawson03 Oct. 13 21:53
  • Network builders tackling cell vs. Wi-Fi choices

    Mobile users can probably look forward to being automatically transferred from cellular to Wi-Fi networks in the near future, but going back and forth for the best possible performance is another matter.

    Written by Stephen Lawson30 May 13 17:50
Features about Nokia Siemens Networks
  • Four technologies for faster broadband in 2011

    A number of different technologies are being developed or improved to offer higher speeds for fixed and mobile broadband networks, as operators are preparing to compete with each other and carry video traffic in 3D and at higher resolutions, which is expected to happen in the coming year.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs08 Dec. 10 03:14