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  • Nintendo cuts Wii U price, debuts 2DS handheld

    Nintendo cut the price on its flagship game console and introduced a portable system Wednesday, hoping to spur sales and better position itself for the year-end holiday season.

    Written by Nick Barber28 Aug. 13 20:35
  • Nintendo warns against super Pokemon creator app

    Nintendo warned Friday against the use of a smartphone app that can be used to create custom, all-powerful Pokemon characters for use in its handheld games.

    Written by Jay Alabaster28 June 13 09:08
  • Nintendo to combine portable, home console dev teams

    Japanese gamemaker Nintendo will combine its hardware teams for portable and home-based consoles, the first major change in its development structure in nearly a decade.

    Written by Jay Alabaster16 Jan. 13 10:23
  • Nintendo slashing price of 3DS

    Nintendo will slash the price of its 3DS handheld gaming device in Japan from mid August.

    Written by Martyn Williams28 July 11 17:20
  • Japan's gaming market sinks 16 per cent in first half

    Japan's console and portable gaming market sank 16 per cent in the first six months of the year as new software failed to make a splash and sales of hardware fell, according to data released on Thursday.

    Written by Martyn Williams30 June 11 12:56
  • Analyst: Market for 3D TVs, portables to grow in 2011

    Sales of 3D television sets and handheld devices will surge this year after a weak start in 2010 as manufacturers step up production and marketing, an analyst said on Thursday.

    Written by Ralph Jennings03 March 11 16:55
  • Nintendo 3DS sells 400,000 in Japan, already R4 hacked

    It looks like Nintendo's 3DS isn't having trouble finding buyers in Japan. According to Japanese newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun (via Andriasang) gamers essentially exhausted Nintendo's initial shipment of 400,000 units. The 3DS launched in Japan Saturday to reports of lines and pre-order sellouts.

    Written by Matt Peckham01 March 11 01:49
  • Nintendo shows off 3DS augmented reality games

    Nintendo's 3DS has another trick up its sleeve for its glasses-free 3D handheld: a deck of augmented reality playing cards included with each game console.

    Written by Jared Newman11 Jan. 11 01:54
  • The Top 10 Video Games of 2010

    Here's my obligatory list of 2010's top 10 video games, in no particular order. Yours would no doubt look different. That's the point of lists, after all: To throw our favorites out there, then stand around comparing and critiquing.

    Written by Matt Peckham22 Dec. 10 06:36
  • Nintendo loses grip on handheld gaming, drops into loss

    Nintendo reported a 2.01 billion yen (US$24.6 million) net loss for the six months to Sept. 30, as its sales of hardware and software dropped, the company said on Thursday. It sold 42 percent fewer handheld game consoles than a year earlier.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs29 Oct. 10 04:39