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  • NHK tries to prime viewers for 8K with interactive features

    For those that don't already suffer from high-definition fatigue, Japanese public broadcaster NHK is developing interactive and mobile technologies to make the idea of 8K video -- the next resolution stage beyond 4K -- more appealing.

    Written by Tim Hornyak26 May 15 22:40
  • Japan's NHK tests long-distance 8K TV broadcast signal

    Japan's public broadcaster has successfully broadcast long-distance digital terrestrial signals for its Super Hi-Vision 8K format, sending massive amounts of data over UHF airwaves, but despite this test it's unclear if many Japanese will be watching 8K TV by the time Tokyo hosts the Olympics in 2020.

    Written by Tim Hornyak21 Jan. 14 12:10
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  • With Amazon's Fire phone, persistence may be key

    Amazon, one of the world's most powerful online retailers, has focused considerable marketing attention on its first-ever Fire smartphone, which by all accounts got a skimpy customer response after it launched in August.

    Written by Matt Hamblen04 Dec. 14 22:22