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  • Nginx open source server gets TCP load-balancing

    With the release of the Nginx 1.9.0 Web server, Nginx has taken TCP load-balancing capabilities from its commercial Nginx Plus product and fitted it to the company's open source technology.

    Written by Paul Krill06 May 15 20:08
  • Nginx's new version goes beyond Web serving

    With the release of Nginx Plus Release 6, the latest version of its <a href="">Web server</a>, Nginx looks to replace everything from hardware load balancing to legacy servers.

    Written by Serdar Yegulalp14 April 15 23:11
  • Google Cloud Launcher deploys VM-based apps in a snap

    Google's latest enhancement to Cloud Platform is not a new feature but a repackaging of an existing innovation. But it's a downright useful offering all the same.

    Written by Serdar Yegulalp28 March 15 03:52
  • Shellshock vulnerability roils Linux server shops

    A long-standing vulnerability unearthed in the GNU Bash software, nicknamed Shellshock, has disrupted the daily activities of the Linux system administrator community, as Linux distributors, cloud vendors and end users grapple to understand the full scope of the potential damage it could cause.

    Written by Joab Jackson26 Sept. 14 09:19
  • Netcraft: Microsoft closes in on Apache Web server lead

    After almost two decades of trailing the market leader, Microsoft's Web server software is coming close to rivaling the dominance of the Apache Web server, according to the latest Netcraft survey of Internet infrastructure.

    Written by Joab Jackson09 May 14 06:48