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  • 10 tips for implementing IPS securely

    An intrusion prevention system (IPS) includes all the features of an intrusion detection system but also has the ability to act upon malicious traffic. Since the IPS usually sits in line with network traffic it can shut down attacks, typically by blocking access from the attacker or blocking access to the target. In some cases, the IPS can talk to the firewall to block an attack.

    Written by Phil Lerner, VP technology, Stonesoft Americas26 Nov. 12 19:00
  • Palo Alto Networks founder: Our competitors are on 'death row'

    Palo Alto Networks founder and CTO Nir Zuk took to the stage to deliver the closing keynote address at the company's first-ever user conference here by trumpeting his company's success in firewall innovation and what he described as his competitors' weak attempts to follow.

    Written by Ellen Messmer15 Nov. 12 17:50
  • Palo Alto Networks aspires to anti-malware defense role with WildFire

    Palo Alto Networks wants its next-generation firewall to be the center of enterprise security, giving it a malware-detection and analysis capability called WildFire that's intended to inspect all traffic passing through the firewall to detect targeted attacks within 30 minutes.

    Written by Ellen Messmer14 Nov. 12 16:42
  • Palo Alto Networks targets VMware shops with virtualized next-gen firewalls

    Palo Alto Networks Tuesday unveiled the first virtualized version of its next-generation firewall, server-based software intended to run on the VMware platform to allow security managers to set up firewall application-layer controls in virtual machines (VM).

    Written by Ellen Messmer13 Nov. 12 05:59
  • Juniper vs. Palo Alto: Next-gen firewall legal brawl

    <a href="">Juniper Networks</a> says that <a href="">Palo Alto Networks</a> is infringing on its next-generation firewall technology, which was invented by Palo Alto's founders but for which Juniper holds the patents.

    Written by Tim Greene20 Dec. 11 10:44