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  • Anonymous hackers target Murdoch's News Corp.

    The hackers at News Corp. have become the hackees -- surely that's a word in modern parlance -- of Anonymous and LulzSec, who released email login details of two former News of the World editors and are threatening to divulge more.

    Written by Jared Newman,20 July 11 06:49
  • UK's News of the World closes after phone hacking scandal

    News Corp. will close its weekly U.K. newspaper News of the World amid allegations that the tabloid hacked into the mobile voicemail accounts of celebrities, the British royal family, and crime victims.

    Written by Grant Gross08 July 11 06:29
  • News Corp. unloads MySpace

    MySpace, which dominated the social-networking market in the mid-2000s before Facebook eclipsed it, has been sold by its parent company News Corp. to digital media company Specific Media.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez30 June 11 05:34
  • Turn the lights out, MySpace, the party's over

    Does anyone want MySpace? The fading social network continues its desperate quest to find new investors, but the situation looks bleak.

    Written by Jeff Bertolucci10 June 11 09:18
  • News Corp. is still trying to unfriend MySpace

    News Corp. is still on a desperate quest to unfriend Myspace -- this time reaching out to online music video network <a href="">Vevo</a>, according to reports.

    Written by Tom Dunlap31 March 11 08:31
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  • Curtains for MySpace?

    Things just keep getting worse for MySpace. The former social networking hub recently announced it would cut nearly half of its global workforce as part of a restructuring effort.   As many as five hundred MySpace employees worldwide will soon be looking for work as the site continues to redefine itself from a social network to an entertainment content site with social networking features.

    Written by Ian Paul13 Jan. 11 01:28