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  • Westpac confirms PayID look-up 'mis-use'

    ​Westpac bank has confirmed that it “had detected mis-use” of the New Payments Platform’s PayID feature, following a report that the details of thousands of customers were looked up by a ‘fraudster’.

    Written by George Nott04 June 19 10:29
  • New Payments Platform PayID feature suffers day one wobbles

    Banking customers attempting to create their PayID – a feature of the newly launched New Payments Platform – were hit with error messages and delays yesterday as the addressing database behind it suffered ‘temporary congestion’.

    Written by George Nott14 Feb. 18 14:43
  • ​Why machine learning may help stop payment fraud

    In 2017, the New Payments Platform (NPP) – infrastructure that offers real time payments between financial institutions and their customers’ accounts – will come into effect.

    Written by David Gee09 Feb. 16 11:13