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  • Hacker mines $620K in cryptocurrency under victims' noses

    A German hacker generated more than $620,000 in cryptocurrency after hijacking an unknown number of network storage devices and turning them into digital slaves to mine Dogecoin, researchers said.

    Written by Gregg Keizer18 June 14 04:50
  • Dead Drops offline P2P file sharing network goes global

    What started as an expression of art by Berlin Artist Aram Bartholl to explore the relationship between the online and offline worlds, has caught on and become an enormous file sharing network based on thumb drives embedded in buildings and other objects.

    Written by Lucas Mearian30 Sept. 13 19:45
  • Everspin ships first DRAM replacement -- ST-MRAM memory

    Everspin said it was shipping samples of the industry's the first Spin-Torque Magnetoresistive RAM (ST-MRAM), a new type of non-volatile, high performance and ultra-low latency memory.

    Written by Lucas Mearian12 Nov. 12 19:14
  • Brocade once again for sale?

    Two years after attempting to find a suitable buyer, storage switch and router maker Brocade Communications may again be looking to sell itself to the highest bidder.

    Written by Lucas Mearian29 Oct. 11 07:31
  • Dropbox adds new file-sharing service for work groups

    Cloud storage and file-sharing service DropBox today announced a new service that allows work groups to share up to 1TB of online capacity, while also allowing IT shops to add or remove users.

    Written by Lucas Mearian28 Oct. 11 02:53
  • Quantum offers $5K deduplication appliance for SMBs

    Quantum this week unveiled a backup appliance for $5,139 that offers smaller businesses 8TB of capacity and data deduplication capabilities typically reserved for its higher end hardware.

    Written by Lucas Mearian26 Oct. 11 08:15
  • Dell ends 10-year reseller relationship with EMC

    Dell announced it has ended a decadelong reseller relationship with EMC this month through which it sold more than a billion dollars worth of midrange and entry-level storage products.

    Written by Lucas Mearian18 Oct. 11 07:24
  • Imation launches line of NAS appliances for nearline, offline storage

    Imation, a vendor of removable storage medium that includes hard disk drives and magnetic tape, today announced its first network-attached storage appliance aimed at offloading data from primary storage to near-line disk backup and remote disk archives.

    Written by Lucas Mearian08 Oct. 11 07:04
  • Micron unveils its first entry-level SSD for blade servers

    Micron today released its first entry-level solid state drive (SSD) aimed at being used as a boot drive in servers or for I/O intensive read applications, such as video streaming in cloud computing environments.

    Written by Lucas Mearian16 Sept. 11 01:48
  • VMware, EMC release new virtual storage, smaller VMAX array

    In conjunction with VMware's release of its next generation cloud operating system, vSphere 5, EMC this week announced new vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA) software and a smaller version of its top-end VMAX storage array. The VSA software pools internal disk capacity on physical servers to create a storage area network (SAN).

    Written by Lucas Mearian15 July 11 06:02
  • F5 releases two new storage virtualization appliances

    F5 Networks today announced the release of two new file virtualization appliances, an entry-level offering and a midrange product that features 10-Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

    Written by Lucas Mearian11 July 11 14:02
  • HP announces converged storage strategy, products

    Hewlett-Packard today announced a series of upgrades to its storage products, including the addition of data snapshots and a portfolio of pre-configured storage systems.

    Written by Lucas Mearian07 June 11 05:33
  • Dell offers gateway storage appliance

    Dell today announced a new appliance that allows its block-based storage area network (SAN) to store file-based data under one unified management interface.

    Written by Lucas Mearian08 June 11 04:40