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  • Tiny Anonabox to offer online anonymity through Tor

    A startup is offering a tiny wireless router to users who want their anonymity protected by first encrypting and then routing their traffic over the Tor network.

    Written by Lucas Mearian14 Oct. 14 06:01
  • Gigamon targets 40Gb networks with new blade system

    Gigamon announced Monday that it will offer a higher-density blade server as part of its Traffic Visibility Fabric solution, a network management product designed to make data centers more efficient.

    Written by Jon Gold29 Jan. 13 18:58
  • Who's who in IPv6: the companies and people leading the way

    <a href="">IPv6</a> is on the minds of every network professional these days, and rightly so. While some vendors and service providers are woefully behind, others are leading the charge. We asked well-known IPv6 expert Ed Horley to name these leaders. Horley is co-chairman of the California IPv6 Task Force, is involved in the North American IPv6 Task Force and earns his living as principal solutions architect at Groupware Technology in Campbell, Calif. He lists the thought leaders for IPv6 among network equipment providers and service providers including CPE devices, routers/switches, load balancers, address management, content delivery networks and more. Got an idea for an article? Contact Network World Community Editor Julie Bort,

    Written by Ed Horley07 Oct. 11 05:02
  • Cisco's Flip business closed; 550 workers to be cut

    Cisco announced Tuesday that it is killing the Flip portable video camera business in a restructuring move that will include exiting other parts of Cisco's consumer businesses and reducing the company's headcount by 550 workers.

    Written by Matt Hamblen13 April 11 01:31