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  • Chromebooks getting VMware virtual desktop service

    VMware will offer virtual desktop services for Google's Chromebooks, allowing them to run Windows applications on the pared-down laptops based on the Chrome OS.

    Written by Joab Jackson12 Feb. 14 21:41
  • End is in sight for Intel's Atom netbook-specific processors

    Intel's Atom processors designed for netbooks could be on their last leg, with analysts saying that the chip maker could be tweaking its product road map as PC sales tumble and tablet adoption widens.

    Written by Agam Shah11 April 13 19:35
  • Acer ships $199 C7 Chromebook

    Acer has started shipping the C7 Chromebook netbook starting at US$199 with Google's Chrome OS and Intel's Celeron processor.

    Written by Agam Shah12 Nov. 12 19:40
  • Dell pulls back from netbook market

    Dell has confirmed that it has ceased production of its Inspiron Mini netbook computer, in effect ending its pursuit of the receding netbook market, at least for consumer sales.

    Written by Joab Jackson17 Dec. 11 06:11
  • Hard drive shortages will result in more expensive PCs: Gartner

    Enterprise users and consumers who have held off buying new PCs recently may come to regret their decision as a hard-drive shortage following floods in Thailand is expected to result in higher prices, according to Gartner.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs15 Nov. 11 01:30
  • Sprint cutting unlimited 4G data plans

    Sprint Nextel is ending unlimited data plans for all devices except smartphones, bringing the era of all-you-can-eat mobile data in the U.S. nearer to a close.

    Written by Stephen Lawson22 Oct. 11 05:23
  • Amazon redesigning site for tablets, report says

    Online retailer is reportedly redesigning its Web site, which sells everything from books to electronics and handbags, with a focus on supporting tablet computer users.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin08 Sept. 11 07:33
  • Intel: Atom's multiple OS feature an edge over ARM

    Intel officials say vendors are beginning to use Atom processors to power tablets not only because the chips can run Windows 7, but also because they allow the devices to run multiple OSes, providing an advantage over rival ARM Holdings.

    Written by Michael Kan02 June 11 02:04
  • Acer to launch tablet running Intel's MeeGo

    Acer will launch a 10-inch tablet at the end of this year using both Intel's Atom processor and its mobile operating system MeeGo.

    Written by Michael Kan01 June 11 20:30
  • Intel's new Atom processor to lower netbook prices

    Intel on Wednesday said it has introduced a new Atom processor to bring down the price of netbooks in emerging markets to under US$200, but the lower price may come at a performance penalty.

    Written by Agam Shah01 June 11 17:37
  • Intel: Ultrabook is not a sign it failed in tablets

    Intel's proposal of a new class of laptop, the Ultrabook, isn't an admission that it is losing the battle to put its microprocessors in tablets, according to a company executive.

    Written by Michael Kan31 May 11 23:21