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  • Forget the high margins, Apple - cut iPad Mini prices

    Apple sold 14 per cent fewer iPads in the quarter that ended June 30 than in the same quarter last year, while the revenue from those sales plummeted by 27 per cent. The solution? Cut prices, say analysts.

    Written by Gregg Keizer24 July 13 23:53
  • Netbooks vs. iPads -- can they coexist?

    The term "disruptive," a common buzzword in tech journalism, is typically used to describe something that jars people out of existing ways of doing things, and provides them with both new ways to do the old things and new things to do. Weather-beaten as the expression might be, it fits when talking about two products that took personal computing by storm over the past couple of years: the iPad and the netbook.

    Written by Serdar Yegulalp09 Sept. 10 03:43
  • Five ways to overclock a netbook (really!)

    The words overclocking and netbook appear in a sentence together about as often as Steve Ballmer is spotted at a Linux convention. Netbooks are all about portability over performance. Overclocking is all about taking already blazing-fast gear and pushing it to its upper limits -- warranties, energy use and safety be damned. Right?

    Written by Eric Lai28 Oct. 09 04:05
  • Students abandoning Apple MacBooks for cheap netbooks

    Apple's once-faithful student consumers are forsaking MacBooks for cheaper PC laptops and lightweight, ultra-cheap netbooks, according to a survey by Retrevo, a consumer electronics shopping resource.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige28 Aug. 09 05:43
  • Are you ready to ditch your laptop for a smartphone?

    Have you ever wanted to ditch your clunky laptop? Perhaps you were meeting a client for dinner or friends at a bar after work. Or you were trying to catch a flight in the morning and had to fumble with your laptop at the airport security check.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige19 June 09 07:14
  • Today's Netbooks Are a Hard Sell for CIOs

    <strong>What It Is</strong>: Netbooks have hit a nerve. According to DisplaySearch's forecast, sales for these small, low-cost notebooks will rise 65 percent in 2009, compared to just a 3 percent growth for standard notebooks. The form factor is attractive. For example, the HP Mini 2140 costs just US$500, sports the low-power Intel Atom processor, has a battery life of six hours and weighs just three pounds.

    Written by John Brandon28 May 09 05:31
  • Will Windows 7 Really Run on a Netbook?

    <a href="%E2%80%9D">Netbooks</a>, low-cost laptops originally designed for sale in countries with emerging economies, are becoming more popular in developed economies with consumers and business users who tend to use their own computers for work. Although these computers were initially offered with <a href="%E2%80%9D">Linux</a>, Windows XP has become an increasingly popular operating system option for netbooks, particularly given the conventional wisdom that they are not powerful enough to run Windows Vista. So what about using Windows 7 on a netbook? After using the beta on a netbook for a few weeks, it appears that Windows 7 is a workable OS for this class of computers.

    Written by Michael Cherry11 May 09 09:26