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  • How to negotiate and get what you want

    As an IT professional, you negotiate every day. If you’re launching a new app, for instance, how many times do you negotiate with people?

    Written by Lou Markstrom22 July 14 14:49
  • Six ways to blow a negotiation

    Masterful negotiation is among the most valuable skills of the C-level executive. Negotiation is a critical part of a finance chief's dealings, whether with vendors, customers, or other external business partners, or with colleagues. Moreover, negotiation skills can be invaluable in career-related conversations.

    Written by Lisa Yoon19 Aug. 11 10:36
  • Secrets of successful business negotiation

    Former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss explains how to get what you want. The first step is active listening.

    Written by Constantine Von Hoffman02 June 10 11:30